How to use the Norton Toolbar

Congratulations! Your Norton product installation is complete. The Norton™ Toolbar has been installed on your browser. Review the tutorial to learn more about how it works!
Norton Toolbar
Choose your settings for the Norton Toolbar here.
The toolbar is protecting you from potentially malicious Web sites, fraudulent shopping sites, and phishing scams.
This area protects and secures your username and password. Plus, allows you to automatically fill in and save online form information for future use.

Learn more about the Norton Toolbar.

  • Create a Profile - Your first step in using Identity Safe to manage passwords and logins is to set up your profile.. All of your information will be encrypted so that no one else can read it.

  • Site Safety- Defends against potentially harmful threats on Web sites, spots risky search results, and informs you about potentially malicious Web sites. You can also view a detailed Web site report for increased confidence while browsing.

  • Logins- Saves and protects your user name and passwords and automatically fills them in when you re-visit a site.

  • Cards – Saves and protects your personal information (including your name and address) so that you can automatically fill in online forms instead of having to retype the same information in every time you need it.

  • Secure Notes- Allows you to store other important information – such as social security numbers, frequent flyer codes, and other personal data - in an area that is protected and conveniently accessible.