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How To Use Norton Toolbar

Stay protected from threats aimed at stealing your personal and financial information and safeguard your identity when you buy, bank and browse online

Getting started

The Norton toolbar with Identity Safe installs with Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 and starts protecting you immediately. To start using Identity Safe which includes password management and online form fill, go to any Web page with a login and password and Identity Safe will prompt you to create a profile. You can also go within the product and create a profile to start using Identity Safe.

Protection from phishing

Go ahead! Browse and shop all you like on the Web because you now have antiphishing protection that helps protect you from fraudulent Web sites. The Norton toolbar displays Web page security status with red for a suspected phishing site and green for a safe site.

Web site authentication

The Norton Toolbar also verifies many popular banking and shopping sites. If you see the Norton Toolbar display a shield, you know you’re dealing with a site that’s been authenticated by Norton as safe and legitimate.

Log-in and password convenience

Identity Safe stores all of your logins and passwords for you when you visit your favorite sites. Now you don’t need to remember your logins. Log-in to your Norton Identity Safe and it will automatically sign you into your favorite sites when you visit them. Just one click on the account listed in the Identity Safe drop down menu on the Norton Toolbar will take you to your favorite site and log you in.

Encrypted personal information storage

Identity Safe conveniently stores and encrypts your personal information such as credit cards, account numbers and contact information so you can access it easily. This information vault is encrypted and password protected so only you can get to it.

Time saving automated form filling

With your approval Identity Safe will automatically fill in password and personal information into the appropriate fields in web forms. This service makes banking, browsing and shopping online more convenient at the same time as protecting your information from being stolen by eavesdropping keystroke loggers.