Introducing the new Norton 360. Our ultimate protection, now even more so.
Shine a light on Blackshades. Norton’s parent company, Symantec, worked recently with the FBI to share information about a prevailing and powerful threat called Blackshades. This partnership helped them, along with several other global law enforcement agencies, apprehend dozens of criminals suspected of implementing and spreading this “remote access Trojan” which can let attackers take control of infected machines.

Our Symantec engineers have been monitoring this outbreak for months. You can read about their work on the Security Response blog. These efforts include making sure that Norton products keep you and your digital life safe. Here are some important facts you should know:

  • Blackshades provides an attacker with complete control over your machine in a way that is invisible to you.
  • You can get infected from opening links in email or social media sites or from Web attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in some browser plug-ins that let you play videos and music.
  • Once infected, criminals can steal data like your user names and passwords, browse and copy files on your computer, access your instant message and social media accounts and take command of your Webcam to turn it on and record images.
  • All Norton security products, including Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360™, use multiple layers of defense against malicious software like Blackshades.
If you’ve yet to protect yourself from this danger, take a moment now to see which award-winning Norton protection is right for you. To stay up-to-date on Blackshades, or learn how to protect yourself from any other new threats, you can follow us on a number of social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.