Emerging Threats

Last week, the cyber attack against the hackers-for-hire firm Hacking Team, led to a theft of 400gb of data that exposed two Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities.

In addition to those two vulnerabilities, another bug was exposed, making this the third Adobe Flash exploit to come from the stolen data. This vulnerability (CVE-2015-5123) emerged late last week and Adobe quickly released a security bulletin over the weekend, that stated a patch will follow this week.

It is always best to update any software that has updates available as soon as possible, as software patches address these types of security issues.


All Norton users are fully protected against this vulnerability. A new Intrusion Prevention Signature (Web Attack: Malicious SWF Download 30) was deployed recently that detects and blocks exploit attempts to leverage the vulnerability. This signature was rolled out automatically to all customers with no additional action needed by them. No clicking of ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ or ‘Restart my system’ was needed. It all happened silently and without any action needed on the user's part!

Norton products also detect malicious code attempting to exploit the recent Flash Player zero-day vulnerabilities as follows:

As mentioned in the previous article about this vulnerability, it is important to for users to realize that until this patch is issued, the Flash Player will still be vulnerable to attack. Concerned Adobe users with no security software can disable Adobe until a patch is issued, or they can download the latest version of Norton Security to stay protected.


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