Digital security: a gift worth giving

Authored by a Symantec employee


The emergence of multiple devices in homes has enabled a new level of optimization and convenience in the common household. The high levels of digital connectivity among seemingly mundane appliances like refrigerators and coffee makers have created a new and exciting ecosystem in homes.

Buying holiday gifts in this era of dynamic digital progress has become a snap, but remember to buy a gift that doesn’t come riddled with security loopholes. Just like a laptop or a cellphone, your Internet-connected devices could be closely watched by cybercriminals. While many laptops and cellphones come with robust built-in security or are fortified with external antivirus software, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices may not have such security features. In addition, their software may not even allow the addition of security features.

What kind of trouble could a cybercriminal brew by hacking my coffeemaker?

A compromised device can be all it takes for a savvy cybercriminal to gain access into your network and reach your online data. Companies that manufacture IoT devices may not focus on the device’s security. On your private network stay-at-home devices — such as refrigerators, thermostats and robot vacuum cleaners —connect with devices like fitness trackers and smart watches that leave the home and come in contact with public Wi-Fi and unsecured networks. If infected, these devices can make stay-at-home IoT devices that may not have high security measures more susceptible to infection. Just like a family member who brings home the flu, these on-the-go devices are capable of infecting a home network.

This gives cybercriminals a backdoor entry into your network and could allow them to steal important data like your passwords, banking activity or your personally identifiable information (PII) to commit identity theft.

How can you secure your IoT devices?

The entry point for most viruses and malware-infecting IoT devices at home is through the home router. Having a robust router that fights off unwelcome elements at the entry helps. Some Wi-Fi routers on the market today may not have the most robust security measures, making your network vulnerable to cyber attacks due to lack of your router’s security features.

Norton Core™ is a secure Wi-Fi home router that was created with security in mind. It discovers smart devices and identifies vulnerabilities. If a breach is detected, Norton Core quarantines the threat.

What makes Norton Core different from other routers?

Symantec, one of the world’s largest civilian threat protection networks, created Norton Core. For over a quarter-century, thousands of seasoned security experts have 365 days a year to help keep you and your data safe from cybercriminals. Norton Core comes from this technically rich base of experts who identified the need for safety in home routers.

Need for Wi-Fi speed

Norton Core has a built-in dual core processor at 1.7 GHz and more memory and flash storage than most routers. This ensures optimal performance for Wi-Fi and security features.

It’s all in the Core connections

Norton Core also has dual band support for optimal connection. It is capable of simultaneously transmitting 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz so your devices connect to the best available band.

Lag-free gaming with Norton Core

Using Wave-2 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, Norton Core supports speeds up to 2.5 Gbps that ensure blazing fast 4K streaming and lag-free gaming.

Norton Core: a plug-and-play router

Norton Core is not just easy to configure, but it is also easy to use. The convenient app gives you a real-time update on upload and download speeds, and also gives easy guest network setup. The Core router automatically identifies all the devices in the network, and you can pause certain devices to use the bandwidth wisely. In addition, with Norton Core Security Plus, you’ll also have access to excellent parental controls features.

The gift of security

In the cacophony of countless IoT devices that get purchased and gifted this year and the years to come, gift your loved ones a product that stands out from the crowd. Give them a Norton Core secure Wi-Fi router and help them live a more secure digital life with one of Time Magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2017.


One piece of hardware to secure your home network and connected personal devices.

Rather than protecting each of your devices individually, Norton Core helps protect an unlimited number of your connected laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones, and your IoT devices too.

Help protect your devices connected to the Internet.

Symantec Corporation, the world’s leading cyber security company, allows organizations, governments, and people to secure their most important data wherever it lives. More than 50 million people and families rely on Symantec’s Norton and LifeLock comprehensive digital safety platform to help protect their personal information, devices, home networks, and identities.

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