In case you missed it, today is Pi Day! This day is celebrated around the world to commemorate Pi, or “π”, a symbol used to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This number is approximately 3.14159, which is why it is celebrated on March 14.

Pi Day cybersecurity by the numbers

For our fellow number nerds out there here is a look at cybercrime today by the numbers.

689 Million – Within the last year, 689 million people in 21 countries experienced cybercrime. Learn more about how people around the globe were impacted by cybercrime from the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report.

6.4 Million – The RSA estimated that e-commerce fraud-related losses will reach almost $6.4 million by 2018, nearly doubling the current numbers. Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraudsters and e-commerce scams here: Protecting Yourself From Online Shopping Scams

10,000 - Last fall, a malware called Cryptolocker infected more than 10,000 computers. The hackers wanted $300 from each victim in exchange for a decryption code. Learn more about how cybercriminals use ransomware attacks and what to look out for to protect yourself here: What Is Mobile Ransomware

65 - 65 percent of U.S. consumers believe connected devices are made with security in mind, even though Symantec uncovered vulnerabilities in more than 50 different categories of IoT devices. So, how safe is the Internet of Things? Learn more here: The Smarter Home: How to Create a Smart Home


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