You probably already know
about identity theft

But you might not know there’s an entire illegal industry dedicated to online identity theft. Cybercriminals steal personal data to sell to other thieves over the Internet.

Cybercrime Stories

Avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime. Check out these real-world examples.

Sandra’s Story

HR Professional
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Michelle’s Story

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Koby’s Story

School Teacher
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Real-world cybercrime examples.
Java Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

Java Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

A recent vulnerability in Java may allow cybercriminals to lure you to virus-infected websites.

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Norton Cybercrime Report

Cybercrime has become a silent global digital epidemic. Read the ground-breaking report from the U.S. Department of Defense Cybersecurity Conference.

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What to Do If You’re a Victim

Here are steps you can take to
respond to and recover
from crimeware
attacks if you're
a victim.

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Cybercrime Education

Video : Cybercrime Education

An Identity Theft Primer

Identity theft costs you time, money, and your sense of security.

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