"The Global Intelligence Network collects and mines data on the latest security breaches and threats around the world."

Not so long ago, securing your computer required little more than a box of security software to install on your hard-drive. It was like using a good old road map to help you get from point A to point B safely. Then came the Internet—or Information Super Highway, as former U.S. Vice President Al Gore called it. Suddenly our computers, alone, are no longer the targets of attacks. Now, it’s our online selves that are the targets--or more to the point, our data that is traveling back and forth on that information highway.

Today, it might be useful to think of security threats to your computer as roadblocks that want to detour you from safe travels, or even cause you to crash. To keep you protected, the formerly simple box of security software must be more robust than a simple map, and more like a GPS navigation system with built-in traffic flows and accident alerts. The software you purchase must be backed by a powerful system of detection, updates, and constant research to keep your security on track and stay ahead of the dangers of the constantly evolving Web.
It would seem impossible that a simple box of software could even keep pace with something that changes so quickly, unless it could tap into a larger detection system. Norton’s security software does just that by linking to Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network to stay current.
In the past six months, Symantec detected hundreds of thousands of new malicious code threats. The Global Intelligence Network collects and mines data on the latest security breaches and threats around the world--and around the clock. It is proactive and consists of worldwide resources (human and otherwise) dedicated to the collection of data on the latest security threats and the development of the patches, updates, and product removal tools required to keep consumers and businesses secure.
  • 5 Security Operations Centers. The Internet never sleeps, nor do threats to online security, so these fully staffed and dedicated centers in the United States, Europe, and Australia research worldwide threats and security breaches in real time.
  • 40,000 Registered Sensors in 180+ Countries. These computers use DeepSight software to extract and send data logs. DeepSight tracks security events on a global basis, providing early warning of active attacks. In addition, DeepSight “honeypots” strategically placed around the world report on who has been passing through and just what it is they are up to. The sticky fingerprints they leave behind are a rich goldmine of data used to keep customers armed with up-to-the-minute information. In addition, like the honeypots, Symantec’s 2 million decoy email accounts allow collection of even more data “in the wild.” The volume and quality of data collected through these accounts result in a better-mapped threat landscape and enhanced protection.
  • 80+ Symantec Monitored Countries. Symantec Managed Security Services monitors millions of customer computers for malicious code activity reported through the Digital Immune System.
  • 11 Symantec Support Centers. Interactions with thousands of customers per day through Symantec customer support centers yield even more data. Support centers provide customers with information on product updates and removal tools, especially during outbreaks.
  • 8 Symantec Security Response Labs. In these hubs—located in Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, and three California cities—teams of researchers collect and analyze the latest malicious threats, from network and security threats and vulnerabilities, to viruses and worms.

In short, the resources Symantec deploys around the world to help keep you secure are significant. Remember, as you navigate the data highway, this infrastructure is backed by more than 1,800 analysts, engineers, product and security specialists, researchers, and technical experts. So relax and enjoy your drive—even if your destination is unknown. Symantec has gone beyond the box to keep your Internet travels safe and protect you from roadblocks and crashes.