Liam O Murcho talks to 60 Minutes

On Sunday, March 4, 2012, Symantec was featured on thepopular primetime TV show,  60 Minutes (U.S.) to talk about cyber security and our work to identify the vile Stuxnet worm, the highly targeted and specialized attack that shook the security industry in 2011.
During the show, Liam O Murchu, a Symantec researcher,shared his thoughts on Stuxnet, how it worked, and why this threat became amomentous point in security history. Murchu goes on to explain, “The creators of Stuxnet never intended their worm to be discovered...” “You don’t want the code uncovered, you want it kept secret. You want it to just keep working, stay undercover, do its damage and disappear.”  Unfortunately for the creators of Stuxnet, that never happened. Since its discovering in 2010, Symantec has been relentless in its focus on protecting the world’s people and information by examining the  computer worm’s inner workings. This provided details on its origin, who was affected, removal steps and much more.
Watch the 60 Minutes clip to learn more.