Norton Privacy Manager


In today’s connected world, you cannot control your information from being exposed, tracked or even sold when you go online. Norton Privacy Manager helps you manage and control your personal information and credentials you use to access websites, accounts and experiences online.

We are no longer supporting the desktop versions of Norton Privacy Manager.

Ways you can lose control of your information online.

Tracking of online activity

Companies can track your browsing history, IP address, location and more

Companies selling your information

The personal information you share with companies online can be used to target you with advertising or sold to data brokers

Weak passwords

Easy to remember passwords make them easy to guess, potentially making your online accounts vulnerable

One app to help you take back control of your online privacy

Help safeguard your personal information with your own Sudo virtual profile

Help protect your personal information and online activity from being accessed by cybercriminals by using a virtual profile. You can create multiple Sudo virtual profiles that protect your personal information and can be used when you connect online. Work. Play. Travel. Shop.

Keep your browsing and your search history to yourself

Bank, shop, search, and connect online with the reassurance your information won’t be tracked, harvested or sold when using the default search engine for Norton Privacy Manager.

Passwords at your fingertips when you shop, browse, and login online

Have your passwords at your fingertips when you browse, shop, and register for accounts online. Easily organize and manage your passwords and online accounts with our password manager.1,2

Secure communications with email, text, and phone calls

Keep your conversations and messages private using disposable phone numbers and email addresses. Help keep your digital profile safe and anonymous without giving out your real phone number and prevent spam to your personal email when you shop and browse online using a private email.3

Norton Privacy Manager by Norton Labs is a service for those who want the benefits of the digitally connected world, but also want protection for their online privacy through greater management and control of their personal data and information.

Since 2008, Norton Labs has allowed us to foster a dialogue with technology enthusiasts and early adopters around new innovative products and services we bring to the market.

We invite all feedback to help us create and improve online privacy solutions for digital citizens today and tomorrow.

System Requirements

iOS Operating Systems

iPhones or iPads running iOS 11.0 or later.

Android™ Operating Systems

Android 6.0 or later.

Norton Privacy Manager Support Center

Responsible use of Norton Privacy Manager is expected. Use of this product to engage in illegal or unethical acts is forbidden by our terms of use. If you ever experience any harassment, bullying, or any other concerns, you can always report it right to us!

Please visit our Safety Support Center to learn more!

*Important Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details

1 Ad & tracker blocker features available in-App browser only. VPN must be enabled and functions only when the App is in use.
2 Private Browser default search engine preset to StartPage (
3 Premium membership includes 2 phone numbers with out-of-app communications limited to 300 minutes and 500 messages per month. Both premium and freemium users receive unlimited in-app calling and messaging, communications are available for U.S. and Canada only.

We are no longer supporting the desktop versions of Norton Privacy Manager.

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