Norton Online Family Report
The Norton Online Family Report reveals how children are spending more time online and have had more negative online experiences than parents realise. It highlights different approaches taken by families globally and uncovers the emotional impact of children’s negative online experiences. The report pinpoints the real risks children face and offers practical advice to parents on dealing with these.
2010 Norton Online Family Reports
2010 Reports
Australian parents put in more “house rules” than any other country in regard to their children using the Internet (78% cf. 66%).
As crianças brasileiras são as que mais ficam online, passando em média 18,3 horas online por semana.
Canada (English)
Six in 10 Canadians think parents should have full control over their child’s online activities.

Canada (Français)
Six Canadiens sur dix pensent que les parents devraient avoir un contrôle absolu sur l’utilisation que leurs enfants font d’Internet.
Les enfants français sont ceux qui utilisent le plus internet pour parler avec des amis.
Eltern in Deutschland unterschätzen die Zeit, die ihre Kinder im Internet verbringen.
Most Indian kids do not follow common sense rules while online.
I genitori italiani sono più propensi a responsabilizzare i figli affinché prendano le decisioni giuste online.
New Zealand
New Zealand children report on average they have 64 online friends. This is the fourth highest amount among surveyed countries.
Las familias españolas conocen muy bien el tiempo que sus hijos pasan conectados online.
Svenska föräldrar har minst vetskap om vad barnen tittar på online.
United Kingdom
Parents in the UK still underestimate the time their children spend online.

United States
Parents in the US are more likely to prefer full control over their child’s online activities.