Norton Parental Control

Do you know what your kids are doing online?

What apps have they downloaded?10  What videos have they watched?8  What are they searching for?

Social media, inappropriate content, risky websites: The world has changed. You want to help protect your kids from online dangers. Norton Parental Control gives you tools to help monitor, set limits and block inappropriate content.


Features of Norton Parental Control are supported by Windows, Android and iOS unless otherwise stated below.  System Requirements

How do I teach my child about internet safety? 

Internet safety involves an ongoing conversation with your kids.

In partnership with the National PTA, NortonLifeLock is proud to offer The Smart Talk. The Smart Talk gets parents and kids together for a conversation about being responsible with new technology. 


The Smart Talk covers the following internet safety topics:

  • Safety & Privacy
  • Screen Time
  • Social Media
  • Apps & Downloads
  • Texting & Calling 


The Smart Talk helps you establish expectations for safer and more responsible online behavior with your children, things like:      

  • Not bullying others, and to tell a parent if they experience cyberbullying
  • Not sharing passwords or personal information
  • What they are allowed to download
  • How much (if any) they can spend on in-app purchases
  • How much screen time kids can have 

Get detailed reports on what your kids are doing online, in your email inbox or on the parent portal.

Time Supervision

How much time are your kids spending online?

Stay on top of how much time your kids spend on their PCs and Android devices. Foster healthier habits by scheduling specific times of the day or week each device can be used and how many hours a day can be spent on each device.

Time Supervision Screen

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

Video Supervision

What videos have your kids watched?

See a list of YouTube videos your kids watch on their PCs or iOS devices and even view a snippet of each video, so you know when you need to talk.8

Video Supervision Screen

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

Mobile App Supervision

What apps have your kids downloaded?

See which apps your kids have downloaded on their Android devices and choose which ones they can use, such as YouTube and Facebook.10

App Supervision Screen

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

Web Supervision

What sites are your kids visiting?

Let your kids explore the web freely, with tools that block unsuitable websites while keeping you aware of the sites they’re visiting.

Web Supervision Screen

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

Search Supervision

What are your kids searching for?

See the words, terms, and phrases your kids are searching for to gain insights into their interests and help protect them from inappropriate content.

Search Supervision Screen

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

Location Supervision

Where are they going?

Stay informed about where your kids are with tools that map the location of their Android or iOS devices and provide a 30-day history to show where they’ve been.9,10,‡‡

Location Supervision Screen

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

Norton Parental Control

Norton Parental Control gives you tools to help keep your kids safe online:

Parental Control on Devices

Screens are simulated and subject to change.

See which ones they have downloaded, and choose which ones they can use10 videos
See what videos they watch8


Access requests
Enable your child to send notes within the app to request access changes14

Web browsing
Block unwanted websites and get reports on what sites they visit

Web searching
See what your kids are searching for

Blocked site alerts
Get an email when your child tries to visit a blocked site

Screen time
Schedule when and for how long kids can use their devices, and lock them when it’s time for a break11

Personal information
Help your children avoid giving away too much personal information online11,14

On mobile, see a map of your child’s Android or iOS device location9,10,12

Not everything on the web is suitable for kids.


Some topics on the web may not be suitable or age-appropriate for kids, things like drugs or violence.



Use Norton Parental Control to restrict what kids can and can’t see online.

Need help limiting your kids’ screen time?


Kids enjoy going online, but you want to put a limit on screen time.



With Norton Parental Control, you can set schedules for your kids’ device time and lock their access when it’s time for a break.11

Online safety: Freedom within boundaries.


You give your kids some freedom online, but you also want to know what they’re up to.



Get regular reports on each child’s online activity with Norton Parental Control.

Parenting is hard. 

It’s even harder if you don’t know what your kids are doing online.  The world has changed, and the challenges that digital native kids face may be different from what you, their parent, faced at the same age.

Surveys of U.S. parents of kids or teens and technology use show:


Kids aged 11 or youngera:

61% image

61% of parents who let their kids watch YouTube videos say their child has encountered content they felt was unsuitable for children.

Teens surveyed, aged 13-17b:

95% image

95% have a smartphone

85% image

85% say they use YouTube

45% image

In 2018, 45% of teens said they are online almost constantly, compared to only 24% in 2014-15

Whether your concern is what content your kids see, what they are searching for, or how much screen time they are getting, Norton Parental Control gives you a suite of tools to monitor, set limits, and block inappropriate content.

Norton Parental Control is available in:

Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 with LifeLock Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping protect your child while on the internet is a top concern for parents. Fortunately, there are online family safety apps like Norton Parental Control to help you with this task. Norton Parental Control enables parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing online, set limits on how much time they spend online,11 and restrict them from visiting unsuitable websites. Norton Parental Control enables you to set online rules for your kids, and communicate with them within the app. That way, you can teach them to build healthy online habits while helping to protect them against the dangers that lurk online.

Norton Parental Control includes a number of online family safety tools for filtering and limit setting. It gives you filtering tools to block inappropriate content so your children can visit websites, watch videos, and use mobile apps within safe boundaries.8,10. It lets you view reports on your kids’ online behavior, and can help your kids avoid giving out personal information online. Norton Parental Control allows you to set limits on screen time,11 and monitor your kids’ online behavior, so you can help keep them safe from dangers in the digital world.

Features included in Norton Parental Control include:      

  • Apps: Norton Parental Control enables you to view and manage the apps your kids use10,11,12
  • Content filtering: Block content you don’t want your kids to view online, either by topic or with a set of rules by your child’s age
  • Videos: See what videos your kids watch8
  • Browsing: See what your kids search for, what websites they visit, and block unsuitable sites
  • Location: View a map of your child’s mobile device location history9,10, ‡‡
  • Ease-of-use: Navigate all these features in an easy-to-use app or web portal 

Norton Parental Control includes tools for all of the above features, and more.

Mobile apps can be educational, fun and useful for both kids and adults. However, there are likely apps you don’t want your kids using, even if the app store rating suggests it is suitable for their age. Additionally, apps can come with malware or privacy risks. Norton Parental Control enables you to monitor your child’s apps on Android devices and choose which ones they can use. For apps that you don’t think they’re quite ready to use yet, you can put restrictions in place to help your kids have a safe and healthy experience with mobile apps.

Kids love videos. For parents, videos can be a helpful tool to keep kids occupied when needed. It can also be difficult to pull kids away from fun, visually-engaging videos. You may also worry about what videos your kids might accidentally stumble upon and watch, like content that’s not age-appropriate. Norton Parental Control enables you to see all the videos your kids have watched on, on Windows, Android and iOS. Norton Parental Control also enables you to set time limits and pause your kids’ device use, so they have time away from, too.

Without online family safety apps that can help filter content on the internet, children can browse the web freely, and there’s a lot on the web that may not be age-appropriate. Norton Parental Control gives parents tools to block certain websites and content topics while allowing children to browse the rest of the web more safely. With Norton Parental Control, you can choose to block particular sites completely, or give your child a warning when they try to visit certain sites, but still enable them to browse after the warning. For topic filtering, you can choose pre-defined settings for a specific age range or choose from a list of topics that you want to block, topics like violence or drugs. If your kids try to navigate to a blocked site, you get an email alert. Kids can also submit access requests to you for websites they would like to visit, giving them a way ask for you for permission to view it.14 You can also get a regular report that tells you what sites your kids have visited during a particular time period.

You also want to know what your kids are searching for online. Norton Parental Control provides parents with reports on the search terms their kids look for, so you know when it might be time to adjust the blocked content settings or have a talk with them about a particular subject.

Just as the old adage goes, “don’t get into cars with strangers,” perhaps the online equivalent is “don’t give away personal information online to strangers.” When kids are online, they have opportunities to interact with websites that can lead to exposing their personal information. Norton Parental Control includes a feature to help your children avoid giving out personal information online, such as address, phone number, email or what school they attend. You can add that information for each child in the Norton Parental Control web portal, and on Windows PCs, Norton Parental Control will block the transmission of that data if the child enters it into a website that does not use HTTPS encryption.

Limiting kids’ screen time can often be a challenge. There are so many activities for kids to do online, and many of them are worthwhile, but sometimes it’s time for them to take a break. Solutions for limiting your children’s screen time include:

  • Setting a timer or regular schedule for device use11
  • Instantly locking a child’s device when it’s time to take a break11
  • Getting regular reports on how much time your children spend on their devices

Norton Parental Control enable you to do all three. For each child, you can set a regular weekly schedule for what days and times they can use their devices. If you want to put an instant lock on a child’s device when it’s time to take a break and do other things, you can do that as well. You also get regular reports on your children’s time on their devices, so you can monitor and set limits to help your children develop healthy screen time habits.

To set up Norton Parental Control, you start by adding each child and their devices to your account. For each child, you then go through each section to select the settings or “House Rules” that you want for each child’s device. This includes:

  • Web: Choose how you supervise web activity, and which topics you want to block
  • Location: See where your kids’ Android or iOS devices are on a map, including a 30-day location history9,10,‡‡
  • Search: See the terms your kids are searching the web for
  • Time: Set schedules for device use, including specific times of the day and how much total time they can use
  • Video: See what videos your kids have watched on, and watch a snippet of each8
  • App: See which apps your kids have downloaded on Android, and choose which ones they can use10

Once set up, you will start to receive notifications on your child’s activity related to the House Rules. Your child can also view their list of House Rules, and submit requests to you through the app14. You’ll get regular reports on your kids’ online behavior and can view and manage all your kids’ rules in Norton Parental Control’s easy-to-use app or web portal.

System Requirements

Windows™ Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 S. Metro and Edge browsers not supported.
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Metro browser not supported.
Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later.
Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later. 
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional with Service Pack 3 (SP 3) or later.

Android™ Operating Systems

Android 4 or later required for Norton Family Premier Android app.

iOS Operating Systems

iOS 9 or later is required for Norton Family Premier Child Monitoring app.

Mac® Operating Systems

Norton Family and Norton Family Premier features not supported.

8 Video Supervision monitors videos that your kids view on It does not monitor or track YouTube videos that have been embedded in other websites or blogs.

9 Location Supervision requires parent activation before use.

10 Mobile app must be downloaded separately.

11 iOS not supported

12Windows not supported

14Android not supported

‡‡ Requires your device to have an Internet/data plan and be turned on.

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