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What is netiquette? 21 rules for proper online etiquette
Netiquette refers to the principles, social conventions, and guidelines that make the internet a more pleasant, helpful place. Learn 21 netiquette rules in our guide.
Updated: May 17, 2024 ·13 min read
Best tips for better internet safety for kids, teens, and families
Help your kids navigate the digital world safely. Our guide offers internet safety tips for kids and families to create good cybersecurity habits for life.
Updated: February 08, 2024 ·17 min read
Try this exam to prepare your kids to be Cyber Safe as they go back to school
As your kids head back to school, what will you do to help them stay Cyber Safe? Take this pop quiz to test your knowledge and learn how to help protect your kids.
Published: August 22, 2023 ·3 min read
This scavenger hunt for secure airport wifi will keep your family safe and entertained
Join the fun while learning about airport wifi safety with our digital scavenger hunt.
Published: June 30, 2023 ·3 min
Metaverse gaming: An overview + cybersecurity guide
For an enhanced gaming experience, many gamers are turning to the metaverse. To learn more about the future of gaming, follow our metaverse cybersecurity guide.
Published: August 08, 2022 ·2 min read
20 relaxing video games
Relaxing games are beloved by young and adult gamers alike. Continue to learn about 20 of the most relaxing games to play along with their benefits.
Published: August 01, 2022 ·2 min read
Video game security: How to stay safer while gaming
Whether you’re a pro gamer, casual player, or parent of a child glued to their PC, if you don’t have device protection, you risk hackers accessing your information while playing online.
Published: June 08, 2022 ·2 min read
8 video game trends shaping the future of gaming — and cybersecurity
Get a preview of the video game trends shaping modern day gaming and video game statistics highlighting the importance of video game security.
Published: March 29, 2022 ·2 min read
Kids and social media: Online safety tips every parent should know
Social media safety for kids is a concern for parents. Here are a few online safety tips to help teens and parents navigate social media.
Published: March 07, 2022 ·4 min read
5 ways to help protect your kids online, as more people are on lockdown
With more kids locked down at home, parents can help guide their children’s online exposure and behavior. Here’s how.
Published: December 01, 2021 ·3 min read
32 gaming communities to enrich your gameplay
Gaming communities come in many forms, including gaming Subreddits, gaming forums, and gaming websites. We’ve rounded up 32 of the most active outlets for you to choose from.
Published: July 19, 2021 ·2 min read
Back to school: 12 online safety tips for students in the classroom
Back to school in the COVID era. Why parents need to be vigilant in protecting their kids’ devices against phishing scams, malware, and cybercrime.
Published: July 19, 2021 ·3 min read
Online predators: How to keep you and your children safer
Take steps to help protect your children from online predators. Learn how to recognize the signs of online enticement and monitor your children’s online activity.
Published: March 15, 2021 ·3 min read
The 10 best cities for gamers — and why cities love them right back
The 10 best cities for gaming in the U.S., based on internet quality, gamer community, and gamer readiness, and why the towns are so equipped for video game enthusiasts.
Published: February 02, 2021 ·4 min read
2020 video game ratings in review, and what they mean to gamers
A deep dive into how the ESRB video game rating system works and how the Board distributed its video game ratings in 2020.
Published: January 14, 2021 ·2 min read
50-plus Twitch extensions every video gamer should know
An overview of Twitch extensions and some essential ones every gamer should know.
Published: January 11, 2021 ·3 min read
Free in-game currency? It’s probably a scam
Scammers make bogus offers of free in-game currencies to gain access to your gaming account and your credit card or use your machine to mine Bitcoin.
Published: November 12, 2020 ·4 min read
6 mobile gaming scams and how to avoid them
There are risks involved in mobile gaming. But you can avoid the scammers. Learn how.
Published: October 13, 2020 ·2 min read
Be careful before you stream: Safe practices for live-streaming your gaming
A list of common attacks against streamers and what you can do to help protect yourself before and after.
Published: July 02, 2020 ·4 min read
The grey world of key selling: Grey market sites come with many risks
What can happen if you buy a discounted activation key from a grey-market seller? Plenty, and none of it is good. Learn more.
Published: June 20, 2020 ·4 min read
Parents’ guide to live-streaming video games: 6 tips parents should know
Game streaming comes with several online safety issues. Learn how to help protect your child against these threats.
Published: June 17, 2020 ·3 min read
Download: Best practices for downloading games
Best practices for downloading games
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Protecting your child from identity theft
Identity theft is a growing menace. With each passing day, cyber criminals are getting greedier and more malicious. They dont spare anyone when it comes to reaping unethical financial gains.They wont...
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
The most common threats children face online
Children are among the most active internet users, and are unfortunately subject to a number of threats. If you allow your children to spend considerable time surfing the web, it's important to know what threats they face. Here are some of the most common online threats to children to help you ensure yours stay safe.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Screen time for kids — a guide for monitoring a child’s screen time
Too much “screen time” — the catchall term for time spent using devices, television and video games — can have negative effects on kids.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
When are kids ready for technology?
Many parents struggle to evaluate how old their children should be to safely surf the Internet, handle instant messaging, use smartphones and set up social networking sites. Learn the steps to introduce technology to your child.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
Watch: Everything parents need to know about game livestreams
Online Gaming & Livestream Viewing Safety Guide | Norton
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
The 5 cyber safety tips every parent should know
Navigating the web comes easy to today's kids of all ages. Learn more about protecting their security online.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·2 min read
Should kids have cellphones?
88% of teens own or have access to a cellphone or smartphone. Parents are grappling with some of the downsides of their children being constantly distracted by technology. Consider your own kid’s maturity level and how they will use the cellphone.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·3 min read
Mobile phone safety for kids
Do we take the right measures to protect our children against the most common mobile risks? Review these tips to find out how you can help your kids stay safe on their mobile devices.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·3 min read
10 reasons to get parental controls
Parents face a challenge: weighing the pros and cons of giving their children digital freedom. Here’s how parental controls can help.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·2 min read
What is cyberbullying and what are the warning signs?
Cyberbullying uses online communication to threaten, abuse, or degrade children, teens, and others. Learn the warning signs.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·2 min read

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