Dear Customers,

We have some exciting news. Symantec, the leader in cybersecurity and parent company of Norton, has entered into an agreement to acquire LifeLock, the leader in identity protection.

Your identity, your most precious data, your most personal sentiments all live online. This is where you shop, bank, communicate, work — it’s even where you fall in love. Sadly, it’s also where the world’s most nefarious criminals seek to steal and exploit your personal information.

Cybercriminals have reached new levels of sophistication, both technologically and intellectually. They are modern-day bank robbers — stealing identities, personal information, and your private data in broad daylight. They can do it anonymously without even leaving their homes, with brazen disregard for the harm their crimes cause individuals and families. But make no mistake; there is turmoil, heartache, and monetary loss to the tune of billions of dollars thanks to cybercriminals and identity theft.

We live in a new day and you need an ally who will champion and defend your digital freedom. Someone who will help you gain control of your privacy, your security, and now your identity. We are that ally.

With the combination of Norton’s digital security and LifeLock’s identity protection, we are redefining what it means to be safe in a connected world. We will be offering one single solution for comprehensive protection that helps safely connect people, information, and things, everywhere, beyond the device and into the cloud. Our commitment is to always stand up for your digital security and protection so you can take full advantage of connected living, free of worry.

We expect to complete the acquisition early next year. Symantec and LifeLock will work together to ensure a seamless transition without any interruption of your current Norton and LifeLock offerings. When the time comes, we’ll reach out to let you know about the exciting new ways we’ll continue to serve you.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

—The Norton team


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