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Outsmart Social Media Scams Have you read the news lately? It seems that scams are in season everywhere. Celebrities from Jackie Chan to Will Smith died (only that was news to them) and Instagram decided to delete accounts left and right (or not).

Give Me Your Password, Please The incredible popularity of social media sites presents a great opportunity for virus writers, tricking you into emptying your bank account and/or steal your identity.

Tips for protecting your privacy online With online spying in the news, you may be wondering who’s watching where you go online and what sites you visit. This is a legitimate concern. After all, where you go and what you read on the Internet is your business, right?

Would you like some identity theft to go with your café latte? No? Good. Despite this, many people run the risk of being hacked almost every day by offering up private info at public hotspots. Some cybercriminals even set up ad hoc networks with the name “free public WiFi” to lure people in so they can capture private data.

Protecting Your Kids on Social Networks Think that falling for an online scam or trick only happens to someone else? Not so. It can happen to the best of us if you or someone in your family isn’t careful—especially teens.

Protecting Your Kids on Social Networks We’re all social creatures. And keeping up with relatives or friends is now even easier with social networks, which is part of their appeal. How else are you going to discover what your old classmates’ favorite TV shows are? This is important information here!

Tips for Safe Online Shopping
Shopping online is now easier than ever. It seems that practically all retailers have some form of an online store ready to show and sell their wares. From PCs to tablets to smartphones, we’re able to lean back and browse in comfort.

Losing your smartphone could cost you big
Our smartphones make our lives incredibly easy. Smartphones open a portal to nearly every aspect of our lives—both public and private. So what would happen if you lost yours?

Antivirus Protection on Windows 8: What Do You Need? The newest version of Windows launched back in October, 2012, with a whole fanfare of new features—including its own antivirus protection baked into the operating system. This is in the form of Windows Defender.

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