Norton Family and The Jungle Book

Safer surfing and new adventures are waiting.

Norton Family Premier

Norton™ Family Premier

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Norton wants to bring the very best to your children. That means a safe Internet and fun-filled animated adventures with The Jungle Book.

Save 40% on our best family protection.

Norton Family Premier helps you:

  • Keep an eye on PC, Mac and Android Web use
  • See the YouTube or Hulu videos your kids watch on their PC or Mac
  • Keep an eye on your kids’ social network profiles
  • Monitor who your kids text and which apps they download
  • View a 90-day history of your kids’ online activities
The Jungle Book

Join Mowgli and Baloo in the all new “Rumble in the Jungle” animated movie based on the popular TV series “The Jungle Book.”

The limited edition gift set with collectible toys is available now, only at Walmart.

1 year subscription: Use of the Norton Family service is subject to acceptance of Terms & Conditions found at Norton Family Premier monitors or videos that your kids view on their PC or Mac. It does not monitor or track YouTube videos that have been embedded on other websites or blogs. Most features available on Android devices only, unless otherwise specified for iPod touch, iPad or iPhone.