Symantec Security Response uncovers hoaxes on a regular basis. These hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an email. Please disregard the hoax emails - they contain bogus warnings usually intent only on frightening or misleading users. The best course of action is to merely delete these hoax emails. Please refer to this page whenever you receive what appears to be a bogus message regarding a new virus, or promotion that sounds too good to be true.
Name Discovered
"Hello Dear" Hoax 09/04/2000
$800 from Microsoft Hoax
AIDS Virus Hoax
Antichrist Hoax 07/17/2001
AOL and Intel Hoax
AOL RIOT 2 Virus Hoax
AOL Year 2000 Update Hoax 12/18/1999
AOL4Free Virus Hoax
Awareness Virus Hoax
Baby New Year Virus Hoax
Badtimes Hoax
Be Spooked Hoax
BestBuy Order Fraud Alert Hoax 06/19/2003
Bicho7 Hoax 10/23/2001
Big Brother Hoax 10/12/2000
Blue Mountain Virus Hoax 12/19/2000
Blueballs Are Underrated Virus Hoax 07/30/1999
California IBM Hoax
CellSaver Virus Hoax 08/26/1999
Coke.exe hoax
Dana virus hoax 12/03/2001
Dear Friends Hoax
Desi1love Hoax
Despite Virus Hoax 10/15/1999
Discount Virus Hoax 08/25/2000
Economic Slow Down Hoax
Ericsson Free Phone Hoax 08/10/2001
FatCat Virus Hoax
February 1 Hoax 01/25/2002
Flower for You Hoax 08/01/2000
Forward Hoax
FREE M & M's Hoax 11/02/1999
Free Pizza Virus Hoax 10/15/1999
FROGAPULT, ELFBOWL, Y2KGAME Virus Hoax 12/08/1999
Gamma2.exe Hoax 06/06/2001
GAP Email Tracking Hoax 06/21/1999
Gift from Microsoft Hoax 12/28/1999
Goldbear Virus Hoax 11/08/2002
Google Trojan Hoax 07/31/2003
Got You Hoax 05/27/2003
Guts to Say Jesus Hoax 05/15/1999
Hacky Birthday Virus Hoax
Hairy Palms Virus Hoax
Halloween Virus Hoax
Happy New Year Virus Hoax
Help Poor Dog Virus Hoax
Hitler Virus Hoax
How to Give a Cat a Colonic Hoax
Iraq War Hoax 04/04/2003
Irish Virus hoax 09/08/2000
Jan1st20.exe Virus Hoax
Jdbgmgr.exe file hoax 04/12/2002
John Kennedy Jr Trojan Hoax 12/20/1999
Kleneu66 Hoax 09/19/2003
Launch Nuclear Strike Now Hoax 01/10/2002
Life is Beautiful Hoax 01/15/2002
Londhouse Virus Hoax
Lotus Notes Worm Hoax 09/01/2000
Lump of Coal Virus Hoax 09/07/1999
Matrix Virus Hoax
Mobile Phone Virus Hoax 05/18/1999
MSN Messenger add a contact Hoax 01/19/2003
NASTYFRIEND99 Virus Hoax 05/10/1999
Norman Virus Hoax
Olympic Torch Hoax 02/21/2006
Osama vs Bush Hoax
Pandemic Computer Virus Hoax
Perrin.exe Virus Hoax
Phantom Menace Hoax
Pluperfect Virus Hoax
Postal Service Email Charge Hoax 01/09/2002
Sandman hoax
SARC Virus Test Hoax
Scoutshacker Hoax
South Park News Letter Hoax
Symantec ASDL Virus Hoax 06/19/2001
T-Virus Hoax 08/19/2004
The New Ice Age Hoax 02/13/2001
Tuxissa Virus Hoax 04/22/2000
Upgrade Internet 2 Hoax 10/03/2000
Very Cool Virus Hoax
Virtual Card Virus Hoax
W2sync virus hoax
W32-PrPlCrcl-G Virus Hoax 04/01/2002
W32.MFG.Tassos@mm Hoax 06/04/2003
W32.XPExp.Worm Hoax 01/31/2003
Wait 48 hours hoax 11/01/2001
Watching hoax 09/12/2000
WAZ UP Hoax 01/11/2001
Windows will Fail on Jan 1 Hoax
Wobbler Hoax
Wooden Horse Hoax
WordScribe Virus Hoax 01/16/2001
Work Virus Hoax
World Domination Hoax
WTC Survivor Hoax 10/29/2001
Y2K7 Virus Hoax
YIM Hard drive killer Hoax 10/27/2005
Your Screen Name Hoax
ZZ331 Virus Hoax 08/31/1999
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