Accurate and up-to-date information on the latest threats. A Threat is an application with the potential to cause harm to a system in the form of destruction, disclosure, data modification, and/or Denial of Service (DoS).
Name Type Protected*
POL.B.PSTCertutilHttp Trojan 11/14/2019
POL.B.PECCertutil Trojan 11/14/2019
POL.B.NPCCertutil Trojan 11/14/2019
ISB.Downloader!gen313 Trojan 11/12/2019
Exp.CVE-2019-1429 Trojan 11/12/2019
ISB.Downloader!gen314 Trojan 11/11/2019
ISB.Downloader!gen310 Trojan 11/08/2019
Backdoor.Wellmess 11/04/2019
Backdoor.Lookback Trojan 11/04/2019
Ransom.Buran Trojan 11/04/2019
SONAR.Windivert!g1 Trojan,Virus,Worm 11/04/2019
Heur.Malcode!gen4 Trojan 11/04/2019
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