Did you get this
notification from us?

The Norton subscription you are using may be registered to a Norton account that does not belong to you.
You may have unknowingly purchased Norton from an unauthorized reseller or fallen victim to a tech support scammer who provided you with a compromised license.

If your subscription is controlled by an unauthorized reseller or tech support scammer, you’re unable to control which devices are removed or added to your subscription. Norton Member Services & Support can assist you with resolving this issue and securing your device.

Service notification
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What to do next?

To resolve this issue, contact Members Services & Support at 877-465-3080 for assistance.

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Are you able to login your Norton account and see your active subscription?

Login to your Norton account and look for your active subscription. If you can’t login to the account and see your active subscription, the Norton software you are currently using is not licensed to you and you are at risk of losing your device security against threats like malware and viruses. We want ensure this doesn’t happen to you and that you can access your account, manage your subscriptions, and extend your Norton protection to your other devices.