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Free antivirus software may seem like a bargain. But it’s not. It does not provide the comprehensive protection you need against today’s biggest online threats. So when you trust your computer, applications, files and identity to free antivirus software, it can end up costing you more in time, aggravation and money than you ever imagined.

The Truth About Free Antivirus Software

Free antivirus software is no bargain. Most is just bait some software companies use to lure you in. It’s usually a “light” version of one of their paid products that offers only limited protection against today’s vast array of online threats.

Once you install most free antivirus software, you’re hit with a barrage of annoying, time-wasting pop-up alerts telling you that it only provides “basic” protection. Then you receive recommendations to switch to one of the software maker’s paid Internet security products for “complete” protection.1

A better choice? Norton Internet Security 2012. It provides comprehensive protection that free antivirus software simply can’t match… for about $1 a week.

Using Free Antivirus Software Can Cost You Money

Experts agree that today’s biggest online threats come in forms that free antivirus software (like the free software offered by AVG®, avast!® and Avira®) doesn’t stop.

Threats such as rootkits, bots, keyloggers, hackers, phishing scams, and infected web sites breeze right past most free antivirus software.

These threats can pose an even bigger danger than viruses, not only to your computer and files, but to your bank account as well. They can lead to a hard drive crash, system failure, or worse, identity theft. And that’s when using free antivirus software can get really expensive.

Plus, free antivirus software is generally reactive. That means it only deals with threats after they’ve attacked and had an opportunity to do damage to your computer and files.

Norton Internet Security 2012 is different. Unlike free antivirus software, it provides comprehensive protection against today’s most dangerous online threats. Its multilayered system of technologies work together to proactively detect and remove threats to your PC, data and identity before they can do damage. And you get all this protection — for up to three computers — for about $1 a week.

Using Free Antivirus Software Can Cost You Time

Because free antivirus software offers only limited protection, you also have to find, download, configure and install a stand-alone firewall and a stand-alone spyware program to get the protection you really need.

That takes time. A lot of it. But the drain on your time doesn’t end there. When you build your own security suite using stand-alone free security software, compatibility issues can cause conflicting alerts and even hard drive crashes. That’s more of your time wasted… and a whole load of aggravation you don’t need.

With Norton Internet Security 2012, you only have to download and install one program. It installs in under a minute. And there are no compatibility issues to hassle with. Fast, easy, comprehensive. Only Norton gives you all three.

The Bottom Line?

Free antivirus software like that offered by AVG, avast! and Avira simply doesn’t provide the comprehensive protection you need in today’s online world. And when you add up the potential costs to your time and wallet, free antivirus software really isn’t free.

Protect your PC, your money and your time. Get Norton Internet Security 2012 and get comprehensive protection for about $1 a week.

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1Michael Santarcangelo, The Hidden Cost of Freeware: A Mind Changed, June 20, 2008.

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