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What is smishing? How to spot + avoid an attack
Smishing is a type of phishing carried out via text message. Read this guide to learn how smishing works, warning signs, and how to stay safe.
Updated: June 26, 2024 ·11 min read
What are Spam Risk calls and what should you do about them?
Spam risk calls disrupt your privacy and signal a scam attack. Learn why calls are marked “spam risk” and how to protect yourself.
Published: June 21, 2024 ·8 min read
When an audio deepfake is used to harm a reputation
A school principal from Maryland was the victim of a frame job using AI technology. This is what we learned.
Published: May 08, 2024 ·5 min read
DDoS: What is a Distributed Denial of Service attack?
Learn about DDoS attacks and help avoid them with our comprehensive cybersecurity guide, featuring DDoS types and safety tips.
Updated: May 03, 2024 ·13 min read
You’ve created your business, now what about IT?
You’ve got a lot to deal with when you’re running your own business. Make sure protecting your digital assets isn’t an afterthought.
Published: April 23, 2024 ·4 min read
Are younger generations more susceptible to online scams?
Growing up in a tech-centric world has its drawbacks, and Gen Z is more exposed to cyber threats than ever before.
Published: April 10, 2024 ·3 min read
Watering hole attack: definition + prevention tips
Learn about watering hole attacks and how to protect yourself online. Explore prevention tips and examples of these targeted cyber threats.
Updated: February 02, 2024 ·11 min
What is a brute force attack?
Learn how to protect yourself online with our guide to brute force attacks. Understand the types, tools, and defense strategies for this prevalent cyber threat.
Updated: February 01, 2024 ·10 min read
Taylor Swift was targeted with deepfake nude images. Here’s why that’s so important
After a recent round of explicit deepfakes of pop stay Taylor Swift circulated on social media, we're left asking: What does this mean for the future?
Published: January 31, 2024 ·3 min
Cybercriminals: Who they are and how to protect yourself
Cybercriminals use computers to commit a wide variety of crimes. Uncover common types of cybercrimes, their impact, and protection strategies.
Published: January 22, 2024 ·10 min read
Credential stuffing: Examples and 6 prevention tips
Find out what credential stuffing attacks look like and how they work, and discover reliable strategies for prevention.
Published: January 18, 2024 ·8 min read
Whaling attack: Definition + tips for prevention
Hackers wage whaling attacks against high-level executives to steal money and access confidential data. Read on to learn how you can identify and stop attacks.
Published: January 02, 2024 ·12 min
What 2024 holds for the future of cybersecurity
Norton’s researchers released their 2024 cybersecurity predictions. See how AI is predicted to impact the landscape of cybersecurity.
Published: December 12, 2023 ·8 min read
Malware: what it is, how it works, and how to stop it
Learn how to protect your devices from malware with our comprehensive guide. Discover what it is, how to stop it, and tips to keep your digital world secure.
Published: December 08, 2023 ·13 min
Cryptography Definition, Algorithm Types, and Attacks
Cryptography encrypts messages by turning them into “ciphertext” but hackers may exploit flaws to release private data—learn how to protect your communications.
Published: November 27, 2023 ·7 min
What is an attack vector? 18 types + tips to avoid becoming a victim
Learn about attack vectors and strengthen your digital defenses. Discover 18 attack vectors and get tips for how to avoid these vulnerabilities.
Published: November 14, 2023 ·17 min read
Software piracy: Types, risks, and how to stay safe
Software piracy may be easier to commit than you think, often unintentionally. Learn about the types and the dangers so you can stay safe.
Published: November 03, 2023 ·9 min
What are deepfakes? How they work and how to spot them
We’re demystifying what deepfakes are and how they affect you. Learn about their creation, use, detection, legality, and how to better protect your identity.
Published: November 01, 2023 ·8 min read
Don’t get blindsided while streaming sports online
Learn the dangers that come with streaming sports online and how you can avoid fumbling your info and getting sacked by cybercriminals.
Published: October 30, 2023 ·3 min
What is Pegasus spyware + how to remove it from your mobile device?
Pegasus is smartphone spyware that surveils the mobile activity of criminals, but it's also been used against dissidents, journalists, and others.
Published: October 06, 2023 ·4 min
What is an attack surface? Definition + reduction tips
An attack surface refers to all of the potential security risks that leave you open to cyberattacks. Learn about your attack surface and how to reduce it.
Published: September 25, 2023 ·8 min
Norton Cyber Safety Pulse Report: Scams in the digital age
This Norton Cyber Safety Pulse Report explores new takes on old scams that are still prevalent in today's digital landscape and advice for how to help avoid falling victim.
Published: September 20, 2023 ·8 min
From deepfakes to bitcoin: The new wave of TikTok scams and how to dodge them
Norton Labs reports on the latest TikTok scams targeting younger generations. Check out the latest tactics scammers are using, including deepfakes and bitcoin lures.
Published: September 18, 2023 ·8 min read
We’re celebrating a special crime-fighting icon with some hero-level digital tools
If you were a crime-fighting icon, what tools would you carry in your utility belt to stay Cyber Safe? We’ve got a few ides.
Published: September 15, 2023 ·2 min read
Hacktivism: Definition, types, + newsworthy attacks
Simply put, hacktivism is hacking and activism combined. Follow this guide to learn more about hacktivism, common motivations, and famous examples in the news.
Published: September 11, 2023 ·11 min read
Working from home on your own computer: 12 security tips in the COVID-19 era
Many companies were unprepared to have employees work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. These security steps can help.
Published: September 01, 2023 ·4 min read
Deep web vs. dark web: What’s the difference?
What’s the difference between the deep web vs. the dark web? Turn to this overview to learn how they both work and for tips for those surfing the deep web and dark web.
Published: September 01, 2023 ·4 min read
Do tablets and smartphones need security software?
Tablets and smartphones can be vulnerable to online threats and need security software
Published: September 01, 2023 ·2 min read
Zero-day vulnerability: What it is, and how it works
A zero-day vulnerability is a software security flaw that is known to the software vendor but doesn’t have a patch in place to fix the flaw. If left unaddressed, vulnerabilities create security holes that cybercriminals can exploit. To keep your computer and data safe, it’s smart to take proactive and reactive security measures.
Published: September 01, 2023 ·4 min read
What is a firewall? Firewalls explained and why you need one
Firewalls can help keep your network, computer, and data safe and secure. Here’s how.
Published: September 01, 2023 ·3 min read
What exactly is a pig butchering scam?
If you ever recieve a text message from an unknown number, it may be a sign of pig butchering. Learn about this emerging scam and how to help protect yourself.
Published: August 18, 2023 ·4 min read
If your email does this, that’s a red flag
If you spot one of these in your email inbox, it’s a red flag. We’ve got some tips to help you spot when an email is true—and when it’s just playing you.
Published: August 14, 2023 ·3 min read
What is social engineering? Definition + protection tips
What is social engineering? It's a cyberattack aimed at tricking someone into divulging information or taking action. Learn more here.
Published: July 20, 2023 ·3 min
What is a smurf attack? How it works + prevention tips
A smurf attack is a distributed DDoS attack that can render a computer network inoperable. Luckily, protecting yourself from surf attacks is relatively easy.
Published: July 17, 2023 ·4 min read
What is a zero-day exploit? Definition and prevention tips
A zero-day exploit is when hackers discover a software flaw they can use to access users’ information or devices. Hackers can target individuals or large groups.
Published: July 14, 2023 ·3 min
Phictionary – the phishing dictionary every digital citizen should read
Phictionary is a guide to phishing attacks with a dictionary twist that exposes real-life examples of scams to help people proactively identify fraudulent communications.
Published: July 11, 2023 ·3 min
What is a packet sniffing attack? A cybersecurity guide
A packet sniffing attack is a hacking technique that uses a packet sniffer to intercept sensitive data passing through a network.
Published: June 29, 2023 ·3 min
15 types of hackers + hacking protection tips for 2024
Learn about different types of hackers and their motives. Plus, see a timeline of hacking’s evolution and tips to help you stay safe online.
Published: June 28, 2023 ·2 min read
What is a script kiddie? Definition + examples
A script kiddie is an amateur hacker who relies on prewritten scripts. Read along to learn more about script kiddies, how they work, and how to stay safe.
Published: June 22, 2023 ·3 min
What is a pass the hash attack? + How to mitigate an attack
Follow this helpful guide to help learn more about pass the hash attacks, how they work, real-life examples, and how you can help to mitigate an attack.
Published: June 22, 2023 ·3 min
15 infamous hacker groups to look for [1981 to 2024]
Hacking groups can be a major threat to your business and are widely active on the web today. Learn about the top 15 hacker groups to watch for in this guide.
Published: June 21, 2023 ·5 min
What is bluejacking? Definition + protection tips
If you use Bluetooth, you may be at risk of bluejacking. Follow this guide to learn more about bluejacking, how to spot it, and how to stay safe.
Published: June 19, 2023 ·3 min
What is a hacker (as explained in movie characters)? + how to protect yourself
From real-life stories to movie portrayals, you might wonder, "What is a hacker?" Read through this guide to learn how hackers work and how you can stay safe.
Published: June 14, 2023 ·3 min
Norton email scams: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
In a Norton email scam, scammers impersonate Norton through fake emails designed to trick consumers and steal their money and personal information. These answers to your FAQs can help.
Published: June 14, 2023 ·3 min read
What is cryptojacking? An overview + prevention tips
Cryptojacking refers to the illegal use of stolen computing power to mine cryptocurrency. Read our article to learn how to detect and prevent this cybercrime.
Published: June 14, 2023 ·3 min
What is a tailgating attack + how to protect yourself
If someone asks you to let them into a restricted area, it could be a tailgating attack. Read along to learn more about tailgating attacks and how to stay safe.
Published: June 13, 2023 ·3 min
What is an evil twin attack? How to spot and avoid them
If you use public Wi-Fi, you may be at risk of an evil twin attack. So how do these attacks work, and how can you spot and avoid them? Read along to find out.
Published: June 13, 2023 ·5 min read
How to remove malware from a Mac or PC
Malicious software can threaten your cybersecurity and leak your sensitive information. Read our guide to learn how to remove malware from a Mac or PC.
Published: March 17, 2023 ·3 min read
What is riskware + how to spot and avoid it in 2024
Riskware refers to legitimate software that can potentially threaten your cybersecurity. Read our guide to learn how to spot and avoid riskware in 2024.
Published: March 15, 2023 ·5 min read
Special Issue Norton Cyber Safety Pulse Report – The Cyber Risks of ChatGPT
In this special issue of the Norton Pulse Report, Norton Labs explores how cyber criminals could leverage Chat GPT to enhance their scams.
Published: March 02, 2023 ·5 min read
Cybercrime outlook 2023: It’s all about the economy
Norton Labs released their 2023 cybersecurity predictions. See how the economy is expected to have an impact on cybercrime next year.
Published: January 01, 2023 ·4 min read
Online scams: An overview + 20 internet scams to avoid in 2024
How do online scams work? Use this guide on different types of online scams to help protect your devices and data from internet scamming and other cyberthreats.
Published: September 16, 2022 ·4 min read
What’s a Twitter bot and how to spot one
Twitter bots are automated Twitter accounts controlled by bot software. Learn what they do.
Published: September 05, 2022 ·2 min read
115 cybersecurity statistics + trends to know in 2024
Explore these 115 cybersecurity statistics to understand the latest cybercrime rates and cybersecurity trends currently shaping the hacking industry.
Published: September 01, 2022 ·3 min read
How to remove a fake virus alert: A step-by-step guide
A fake virus alert is a deceptive hacking tool. Learn how to remove fake virus pop-ups, spot warning signs, as well as tips to help keep your devices safe.
Published: August 31, 2022 ·3 min read
12 social media threats to watch for in 2024
Dive into the top social media threats to know in 2024 and beyond, and learn how to better protect your accounts. Read more from the Norton blog.
Published: August 22, 2022 ·3 min read
Ransomware statistics: 102 facts and trends you need to know
Use this overview of 102 ransomware statistics to learn about the latest ransomware attacks and how to better protect your personal devices and information.
Published: August 08, 2022 ·4 min read
Dictionary attack: A definition + 10 dictionary attack protection tips
Use this dictionary attack guide as an overview of how dictionary attacks work, real-life examples, and protection tips to help keep your data safe.
Published: May 06, 2022 ·2 min read
Password spraying 101: An overview + password spraying protection tips
Password spraying is when cybercriminals guess the passwords of their potential victims, often on a large scale. Learn how to protect your credentials.
Published: April 27, 2022 ·4 min read
Password attack 101: A definition + 10 types of password attacks to avoid
This password attack protection guide overviews common types of password attacks, as well as password attack prevention tips to help improve your privacy and cybersecurity.
Published: March 28, 2022 ·2 min read
What are Denial of Service (DoS) attacks? DoS attacks explained
A Denial of Service (DoS) attack can be easily engineered from nearly any location. Learn more about what it is and how it works.
Published: March 15, 2022 ·4 min read
What is the difference between black, white and gray hat hackers?
Hackers can be categorized by the type of metaphorical “hat” they wear. What is the difference between black hat, white hat, and gray hat hackers? Learn more.
Published: February 25, 2022 ·3 min read
What is the difference between black, white and gray hat hackers?
Hackers can be categorized by the type of metaphorical “hat” they wear. What is the difference between black hat, white hat, and gray hat hackers? Learn more.
Published: February 24, 2022 ·4 min read
Shareware: An overview + the cost of ‘free’ software
Shareware is a type of software that is freely distributed to users. The intent of the software developer is to convert free users to paying customers in the future.
Published: February 07, 2022 ·4 min read
What is an advanced persistent threat (APT)?
Consider this your go-to guide for advanced persistent threat protection, including how APT attacks work and APT attacks to watch for.
Published: January 23, 2022 ·2 min read
Cyberattacks on the rise: What to do before and after a cyberattack or data breach
You can’t prevent a cyberattack or a data breach, but there are steps you can take to help prepare for and react to one.
Published: December 17, 2021 ·3 min read
Data loss prevention: What is DLP + how does it work?
What are data loss prevention tools you can use to protect your network? Read further to educate yourself on some DLP best practices and level up your cybersecurity as a whole.
Published: November 10, 2021 ·2 min read
Holiday cybercrime statistics + tips to protect against threats
Holiday cybercrime statistics are hard to break out, but it’s fair to say some cybercrimes are known to appear around holidays. Here’s what you need to know.
Published: October 18, 2021 ·4 min read
What to do after 5 types of data breaches
Learn what to do after 5 types of data breaches. Find out how to help protect yourself against possible identity theft.
Published: October 08, 2021 ·2 min read
GPS spoofing: What it is + spoofing attacks to watch for
An overview of GPS spoofing, meaning when technology or a person alters data so that a device appears in a different location or time zone, and how to avoid it.
Published: September 21, 2021 ·3 min read
What is a zero-day exploit?
Get an overview of what a zero-day exploit is and how zero-day attacks work. Plus, learn about other zero-day definitions from the Norton blog.
Published: September 03, 2021 ·3 min read
T-Mobile investigating data breach. Data of more than 40 million existing and prospective customers exposed
T-Mobile has confirmed unauthorized access to its data and is investigating the extent of the incident, after reports that sensitive data of 100 million T-Mobile USA customers is for sale on the web.
Published: August 19, 2021 ·3 min read
115 cybersecurity statistics and trends you need to know in 2021
Cybercrimes cost the world $6 trillion a year by 2021, according to cybersecurity ventures. Large data breaches and cyberthreats from foreign locales such as China and Russia threaten elections. Experts worry that 5G technology will create additional cybersecurity challenges for businesses.
Published: August 09, 2021 ·2 min read
What is the dark web? The dark web defined and explained
The dark web is often used by cybercriminals. But it’s also visited by journalists, law enforcement agencies and others.
Published: June 18, 2021 ·2 min read
15 work-from-home security tips: Security best practices for remote workers
If you decide to work remote, it’s important to keep cyber safety in mind. That means protecting your devices and data, just like you would in the workplace.
Published: May 12, 2021 ·3 min read
How you can fight disinformation on social media
Here’s a look at the challenges facing social media platforms and how you can steer clear of disinformation this season.
Published: March 10, 2021 ·3 min read
5 election scams to avoid
Here’s a sample of common election scams and advice for outwitting the scammers behind them.
Published: October 05, 2020 ·4 min read
How to spot deepfake videos — 15 signs to watch for
Deepfake videos could have serious implications during the 2020 election season. Learn why.
Published: August 12, 2020 ·3 min read
What is a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) and what can you do about them?
A distributed denial-of-service attack is one of the most powerful weapons on the internet. A DDoS attack is a cyberattack on a server, service, website, or network that floods it with Internet traffic. The aim is to overwhelm the website or service with more traffic than the server or network can accommodate.
Published: July 23, 2020 ·4 min read
Phone hijacking: When criminals take over your phone and everything in it
Hackers have figured out a way to hijack cell phones and steal the valuable information contained in them. Find out how criminals go after emails, photographs and payment apps to commit larger crimes like blackmail, fraud and theft. Learn how to keep your identity safe.
Published: September 04, 2019 ·3 min read
Biometric data breach: Database exposes fingerprints, facial recognition data of 1 million people
Biometric data breach: Could cybercriminals use your biometric data to commit identity theft or other crimes?
Published: August 18, 2019 ·2 min read
Ransomware – what can you do about it
Malicious software that uses encryption to hold data for ransom has become wildly successful over the last few years. The purpose of this software is to extort money from the victims with promises of restoring encrypted data.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Home security camera and doorbells: tips to help secure your devices
Hackers can set their sights on Ring and other home security cameras, and that has made some customers feel less than secure.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
10 cyber security facts and statistics for 2018
Data breaches, ransomware attacks, cryptojacking, threats to your connected devices all contribute to new rounds of cyber security facts, figures, and statistics. Do you find it hard to keep up? Let’s cherry-pick 10 cyber safety facts to help give you the big picture.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Chrome Zero Day Vulnerability - Why You Should Update Google Chrome Immediately
Click here to learn about the Google Chrome Zero Day vulnerability and why you should update your browser. Read on to learn more.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
PC or Mac: Which is more resistant to cyber threats?
Cyber criminals are not run-of-the-mill street hooligans. Assailants of online crimes are educated, tech-savvy, sophisticated individuals who dont care if you prefer PC to Mac or vice versa. There...
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Targeted attacks now moving into the IoT and router space
Recently, there have been reports about state sponsored, targeted attacks moving into the router and IoT security space. Read more to see how this affects you.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
What is a dark web scan and can it protect your identity?
Your personal information might be for sale on the dark web. A dark web scan can help you find out if your information has been exposed.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
Watch out for "free" movie and television scams during big events
Since streaming video content has become mostly commonplace, cybercriminals have taken notice, and are spreading spyware and malware on many social media platforms via comments
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Personal information of 143 million people may have been exposed in Equifax data breach
Equifax has announced that cybercriminals have exploited a vulnerability in their website, allowing them to gain access to certain files. The data breach appears to have taken place from mid-May through July 2017.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Windows 10 compatibility with Norton products
As a Norton customer, you are always entitled to download the latest version of your Norton product for free during your service period. Existing customers are...
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
Video conferencing risks when working at home: 16 ways to avoid them
Working from home may mean relying on video-conferencing to do your job. But your connection may not be private or secure.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
2020 Election Cybersecurity: Protecting U.S. elections against cybercrime
The 2020 U.S. elections face major cybersecurity threats. Learn what they are and what the U.S. is doing to protect elections from hacking.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
High-profile people and companies among Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam: Here’s what to watch out for
Twitter hit with hack involving high-profile accounts of billionaires, celebrities, and politicians, in cryptocurrency scam. Learn what happened.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Is paying for antivirus software worth it?
Since our personal safety takes precedence over everything, it’s safe to say that our digital security is a close second. This brings us to one the biggest challenges of Internet security – free vs paid internet security.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
What is Formjacking and How Does it Work?
Formjacking is when cybercriminals inject malicious JavaScript code to hack a website and take over the functionality of the site's form page to collect sensitive user information
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
2019 data breaches: 4 billion records breached so far
A look at 2019 data breaches so far, arranged by business sector, plus actions you can take help protect against identity theft.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
MyHeritage data breach exposes info of more than 92 million users
MyHeritage DNA testing and family tree website investigating email and password breach, resetting all user passwords.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·3 min read
What is bulletproof hosting?
Youve heard of malware, ransomware, botnets, and the like. What you dont hear about is the technology behind these threats. These threats all have to come from somewhere, theyre not just out there...
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
Mazar BOT malware invades and erases Android devices
Android smartphone users should be aware of a dangerous new type of malware that spreads via spam SMS or MMS messages that link to a malicious app file.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
What Is Adware?
Adware, or advertising supported software, displays unwanted advertisements on your computer
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Bug in Apple’s iOS and OSX AirDrop could allow malware to be installed silently
A vulnerability in Apple’s AirDrop feature has been discovered by Australian security researcher Mark Dowd. AirDrop is an “over-the-air” file sharing service that uses Bluetooth and WiFi, and is built into iOS and Mac OS X products.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
10.6 million MGM Resorts guests had personal info exposed in breach
The personal info of more than 10.6 million guests who stayed at MGM Resorts was exposed in a data breach and posted on a hacking forum.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
FaceApp goes viral and raises privacy worries: What you need to know
If you download FaceApp, you can “age” your face — but possibly give up your privacy. Learn more.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·4 min read
Four tax scams to watch out for this tax season
Tax season is a ripe time for phishing and spreading malware; without fail, tax-related online scams remain a most popular type of phishing scam each and every year. Through our threat intelligence network, we have identified four types of tax scams that individuals and businesses should be wary of as they’re preparing to file their taxes in 2016.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Hundreds of malicious apps are showing up on the Google Play Store, disguised as legitimate applications.
Hundreds of malicious apps are showing up on the Google Play Store, disguised as legitimate applications.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
Over 1 billion stolen records found in dark web discovery
Over a billion stolen records have been found on the dark web. Your personal information may be out there and available for a price.
Published: August 08, 2018 ·2 min read
How to protect your online privacy with a VPN
Did you know that your ISP can see what you do while you’re online? From making purchases to looking up medical conditions, your actions create a digital trail of data that can paint a very detailed picture of you.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·4 min read
What to look for when buying antivirus software
Selecting the right antivirus software for your devices is one of the most important things you can do for your digital safety. Know what to look for before you choose an antivirus.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·3 min read
How to safely and securely use USB memory sticks
You may have noticed growing reports in the media about the dangers of using USB memory sticks. A malicious USB device can install malware such as backdoor Trojans, information stealers and much more.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·2 min read
New report says Zynga breach in September affected 172 million accounts
A password breach of Zynga Inc. was reported in 2019 affecting approximately 200 million users. Learn what to do if your information was exposed.
Published: August 07, 2018 ·4 min read
How a Gmail password stealing scam works
Sophisticated cybercriminals have devised a way to steal email credentials that bypasses two-factor authentication security and doesnt rely on otherwise easy-to-spot phishing methods. Heres what you...
Published: January 18, 2018 ·2 min read
What is smishing?
Smishing is a form of phishing that involves a text message or phone number. It's becoming an emerging and growing threat in the world of online security. Read on to find out what it is and how you can protect yourself against it.
Published: January 18, 2018 ·3 min read
How Do Cybercriminals Get Caught?
Cybercriminals use sophisticated tactics to commit crimes. It takes a village to catch a cybercriminal since the method of how they commit these crimes is so complicated. Law enforcement usually has to coordinate with government agencies, international partners, and private corporations.
Published: January 18, 2018 ·4 min read
Is it safe to download free ebooks online?
As more and more people lean towards reading in a digital format, here are a few things to keep in mind when reading ebooks. Never download pirated ebooks and always buy books and digital content from legitimate retailers. Some ebooks may contain malicious software that can install malware, spyware, and viruses in your computer.
Published: January 18, 2018 ·2 min read
What you need to do about the WPA2 Wi-Fi network vulnerability
Until your Wi-Fi enabled devices have a security patch for the KRACK vulnerability here are some steps to take to help secure your devices.
Published: January 18, 2018 ·3 min read

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