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Get a 30-day free trial of Norton Secure VPN to encrypt your connection, help protect your data from hackers, and access the content you love. Payment method and subscription required. Details below*

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Get a powerful VPN

Get a 30-day free trial of Norton Secure VPN to access the content you love. Payment method and subscription required. Details below*

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Download a VPN for Windows PC

Are you looking for a secure Wi-Fi connection to protect your private data and access content? A VPN on your PC offers bank-grade encryption to secure the data you send and receive online. Plus, it can give you anonymous browsing and help you access your favorite content. Try Norton Secure VPN for free to take control of your online browsing.

30-day free trial. Payment method and subscription required. Details below*

On-the-go access
No-log policy
Norton Secure VPN for PC with the region switched to the US

Protect your browsing with a VPN for PC

Using a VPN on your PC lets you browse privately and helps prevent your ISP from monitoring your online activity. Plus, it helps protect your personal information, like login credentials and credit card details, from being exposed to snoops and cybercriminals. Norton Secure VPN is one of the best VPN apps for Windows PC. Download and try it for free.

30-day free trial. Payment method and subscription required. Details below*

Why you should use a VPN on your PC or laptop

  • Power Eraser

    No-log policy 

    We don’t track or log your online activity. With Norton Secure VPN, your browsing data remains private — even from us.

  • Norton Safe Search

    Block ad-tracking 

    Powerful ad-tracking technology helps you browse freely without being disrupted by targeted ads. 


  • Rebootable Recovery

    Region selection 

    Our super-fast servers ensure a reliable connection no matter where you are and which server location you choose.


  • Reputation Report Card

    Split tunneling

    Choose to secure and anonymize only sensitive data, while letting other apps access local services.1


  • Kill switch

    The kill switch automatically disconnects you from the internet if your VPN connection is lost.1


  • Servers around the world 

    Our VPN for Windows lets you connect from server locations all around the world so you can access the content you love.

How to set up a VPN for a Windows PC 

Setting up Norton Secure VPN on your Windows computer is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1
Set up an account

Create a Norton account by following the instructions to begin your free trial.

Step 2
Download the VPN

Download a free trial of Norton Secure VPN and install the app on your Windows device. 

Step 3
Turn on the VPN

Follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the VPN, select a server location, and configure your settings.

Step 4
Browse the web

Start browsing privately and accessing the content you love, with the data you send and receive more secure.

How a VPN for PC works 

Norton Secure VPN for Windows creates a secure connection for your browsing activity, shielding your data from snoops and hackers. Here’s how it works:

 Norton Secure VPN for Windows gives you full control over how you set it up

Encrypt your internet traffic

A VPN for your PC helps protect against unauthorized access to your data by encrypting the traffic you send and receive online. Download a VPN for your PC or laptop to protect your online communications, sensitive data, login credentials, and banking details.

Norton Secure VPN for PC encrypts your traffice, blocks ad tracking, and offers you split tunneling
Browse privately

When you browse, your PC’s IP address is connected to all your online activity. Connecting to a remote VPN server hides your IP address, helping to keep your location secure and prevent your online activity from being tracked and monitored.

Download Norton Secure VPN to protect only your sensitive data or everything you do online

Stay protected on public Wi-Fi

Using a VPN for Windows laptops on public Wi-Fi helps protect valuable information, like credit card details and passwords, from cybercriminals. Get one of the best VPNs for PC to create a fast, secure tunnel for your online activity. 

Browse privately and freely on all your devices

When you subscribe to Norton Secure VPN, you can use it on multiple devices and across the most popular operating systems — Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

  • Power Eraser


    Norton Secure VPN for Android keeps your browsing private while you’re on the go, encrypting the data you send and receive online.

  • Norton Safe Search


    Norton Secure VPN for iOS lets you browse privately on your iPhone or iPad, helping to keep your online activity secure.

  • Rebootable Recovery


    Norton Secure VPN for Mac gives you the freedom to connect to Wi-Fi more securely and protect your private information, wherever you are.

Boost your online privacy with Norton Secure VPN

In our hyper-connected digital lives, it's more important than ever to protect your online privacy. Let Norton Secure VPN for Windows help protect your computer and hide your private data and activity online.

30-day free trial. Payment method and subscription required. Details below*


Yes, the Norton Secure VPN application works with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

A virtual private network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity. While most of a VPN’s benefits involve keeping your online communications and activity private, they can also be useful for accessing content that may be unavailable in your location, which can be helpful for journalists and others who travel. 

The best VPNs for Windows desktop computers let you choose your VPN server location, provide bank-grade encryption, and offer split tunneling. They also won’t track or log your online activity. If you download Norton Secure VPN for Windows, you’ll benefit from all these features — plus it’s fast and you get unlimited access with no data limit.

There are four main steps for connecting to a Windows VPN app: create an account, download and install the app, configure settings, then start browsing as you normally would. 

System Requirements

Available for Windows™ PC, Mac®, iOS and Android™ devices:

Norton Secure VPN is compatible with PCs, Mac, Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, and iPhones. Norton Secure VPN may be used on the specified number of devices – with unlimited use during the subscription term. 

Windows™ Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions)

Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 in S mode

Microsoft Windows 11 (all versions), except Windows 11 in S mode

Mac® Operating Systems

Current and previous two versions of Mac OS.

Android™ Operating Systems

Androids running 8.0 or later.

iOS Operating Systems

iPhones or iPads running the current and previous two versions of Apple® iOS.

1 Not available on Windows 10 in S Mode, Windows running on ARM Processor, Mac and iOS. 

Note: Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

*Automatically renews annually after the trial period ends, unless cancelled. The price quoted in the cart today is valid for the introductory term after the trial, after which your subscription will be billed at renewal pricing. Renewal pricing is subject to change and may be charged up to 35 days before the active term ends. For support or to cancel automatic renewal, log into your account or contact support.

Norton Secure VPN: A yearly subscription is just $xxxx for the first year after the free trial, then only $xxxx/year after.