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Norton Security student discounts are no longer available due to the launch of Norton 360

We still offer free trials of other Norton products and services. We also offer free tools, including virus scan and virus removal tools, and Norton Password Manager. Learn more:

Why should I worry about surfing the web? It’s not like I have anything to hide!

If you’re using a computer at school, then chances are you’ve got homework and class notes on it, plus precious content like pictures, your credit card info, social network accounts, music, and more. You wouldn’t knowingly download malware or a virus that could steal your personal information, bombard your friends with spam, or even ruin your device, but it could happen.

Malware is software that’s designed to be malicious. The best way to help protect yourself from it is: (1) Be careful about what email attachments you open, (2) Be cautious when surfing and stay away from suspicious websites and (3) Install and maintain an updated, quality device protection program like what Norton LifeLock offers.

I use Public Wi-Fi on and off campus – but I don’t click on stuff so I’m safe, right?

If you’re using public Wi-Fi in places like coffee shops and even libraries, cybercriminals could eavesdrop on Wi-Fi signals and access what you’re doing online, from viewing the web pages you’ve visited, to capturing your login credentials or anything you entered online. And they can also set up fake hotspots – so even though it might look like you’re connecting to your campus’s public Wi-Fi, you’re actually connecting to a rogue hotspot where the private info you’re using is on display. Norton Secure VPN can help protect your information on campus and off.  

Why should I have protection for my devices?

Imagine that your device, like your laptop, tablet or smartphone, is like a digital backpack with your personal information, money, bank card numbers, schoolwork and passwords are zipped up in it. If it was stolen, what would you do?  

No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft