We’re celebrating a special crime-fighting icon with some hero-level digital tools

A father and his son play super hero and consider what tools a superhero would keep to fight crime in the digital world.

What tools would our favorite flying echo-locating mammalian hero keep at hand to fight crime in the online world?

In an age of digital-enabled villains, it's not just the shadowy alleyways of a modern gothic megacity that need protection. Cyberspace is perhaps the greatest and most populous of places—but our vast online world still teems with malware, hackers, and other online threats

And if perhaps a brooding, independently wealthy superhero were to fight for justice in the digital realm, their secret lairs and utility belts would undoubtedly be equipped with the finest in cyber defense technologies.

Let’s celebrate one of the world’s most popular masked crusaders and delve into the super-advanced devices a masked hero would use to fend off crime in a world where the bad guys might use their keyboards with the same ill intent as a grinning, makeup-clad supervillain.

Hero-Signal Searchlight

A dynamic warning that alerts our crimefighter to when they need to go into action. When a new threat arises to steal data and personal information, our hero could receive a special signal that gives them information about how and where their secret identity might be at risk. And as a beacon of hope, that same signal assures citizens that they're under the protection of the best cybersecurity protection available.

Digital Boomerangs

Just as our hero’s angular throwing weapons are multifunctional, the digital equivalent would serve as a quick means to intercept and neutralize multiple threats. Deployed with a flick of the wrist, they’d be specially designed to seek out and find malware in its earliest stages, helping prevent potential harm to data and devices.

An AI-Power Crime Detector

Heroes have a lot of work to do in watching over their cities. It only makes sense a great crime-fighter would employ advanced AI to detect potential threats. With their access to the best technologies available, certainly every hero would have an interactive digital assistant that quickly sorts harmless activity from potentially criminal enterprises.

Secret Cavern Secure Server

Even the greatest hero needs to store their data somewhere. Our crusader would certainly keep a secure, highly encrypted data storage system they could access from anywhere. An advanced system such as this would ensure that all of their sensitive information, from the identities of their allies to their strategies against foes, is safely tucked away from prying eyes.

A Super Secure Browser

With foes potentially monitoring every click, even heroes need to browse the web and shop for supplies while keeping their information and activity secret. A hero might need to order supplies for their iconic utility belt or research the latest news articles to find trends in crime. In either case, a web browser that protects their online activity would be a powerful ally.

Hero-Mobile VPN 

To keep their online activities private and anonymous, a great hero would have a VPN–but not just any VPN. A Hero-Mobile VPN helps ensure our hero has a fast, encrypted portal to the digital world regardless of how or where they connect to the web. A secure connection allows them to gather intel, communicate, and even remotely control their vast array of tech while avoiding revealing their digital footprint.

Encryption Decoder Ring

Heroes often have a penchant for puzzles. In the digital world, that translates to encryption. With a handy encrypting decoder ring, our hero would take advantage of advanced technology to encrypt messages so that only the intended recipients can read them.

In Conclusion

In a digital world that hosts peril from malevolent hackers and sophisticated malware, a canny hero would undoubtedly equip themselves with cutting-edge tech to stay one-step ahead of the bad guys. But as we’ve seen today, you don’t need to be an orphaned multi-billionaire to access powerful measures to protect yourself online.

These iconic tools that any hero can keep at hand are more than just perpetually upgraded gadgets and software. Those tools could perhaps rise to be a symbol of resilience against the ever-evolving threats of the digital world. We like to think that whether in a gothic metropolitan megacity, or deep in the digital world, hope and justice will always find a way.

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Clare Stouffer
  • Clare Stouffer
  • Gen employee
Clare Stouffer, a Gen employee, is a writer and editor for the company’s blogs. She covers various topics in cybersecurity.

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