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Norton Security Ultra

Comprehensive protection for all your devices, plus PC backup‡‡ and online family safety features, for you and the people you care about.

Unlimited Device Protection*

Helps protect unlimited PCs, Mac®, Android™ and iOS devices with a single subscription.

Helps provide real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses.

Advanced security helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.

Industry-leading performance that won’t slow down your online experience.1

Winner of AV-TEST “Best Protection” and “Best Performance” awards.1

100% Virus Protection Promise: From the moment you subscribe, a Norton expert is available to help keep your device virus-free, and if not, will give you a refund.2

Alerts you about risky Android apps before you download them, with our award-winning technology.1

Provides unlimited local backup and 25GB of automatic online backup, to help protect your valuable personal data from ransomware and drive failure.‡‡

Provides tools to help your kids safely explore the Internet.

You are Protected with Norton Security Ultra.

We see more, analyze more
 and stop more online threats.

How long does it take for malware to infect your brand-new computer? If you use free or other inferior security software, maybe not long at all.

Cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever before, and they use a diverse arsenal of tools to gain access to your information. Other security products just don’t have the resources to keep up with new threats as they emerge.

But Norton products do. As the threats get worse, our products just keep getting better. Our teams of security experts are constantly analyzing new threats and devising ways to protect your devices from them.

PC Award

A trademark of Ziff Davis, LLC. Used under license. Reprinted with permission. © 2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 46-Time Winner awarded in 2020.

Norton received two prestigious awards from the AV-Test group

The AV-Test group, renowned as the security industry standard for unbiased third-party protection and performance tests, awarded Norton with the Best Protection award for Norton Security and the Best Android Security award for Norton Mobile Security.

Mum and Daughter protected by Norton Security Ultra.

We focus exclusively on security, and we’re the best at what we do.

Our concentrated combination of dedication and expertise benefits our customers. Norton products consistently outperform the competition in independent head-to-head tests, and only Norton products have won 42 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards — more than any other security company.1
What does that mean for you? When you buy Norton Security, you’re getting one of the best security products on the market today. It’s that simple.

Virus Protection Promise

A promise you can count on

We’re so confident in our antivirus and malware protection, we offer a 100% guarantee. If your device gets a virus our Norton experts can’t remove, you get your money back!2

Student launching Norton Security Ultra.

Our multi-device, multi-OS protection helps keep your data safe, wherever it is.

The more connected you are and the more your personal information is out there, the more security you need. Do you watch videos or shop on your tablet? Use your smartphone to pay bills or check your balances? Your personal information is in multiple places. Keep it private across all of them.

Norton Security provides one easy solution to protect all your computers, smartphones and tablets, even on multiple operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Plus, only Norton shows you if that Android app you’re about to download will impact your battery life, has potential privacy risks or contains malware, before you even install it from Google Play.

We make it easy to back up your important information.

Protect your important files and documents against drive failures and even ransomware. We’ll automatically find the photos, music, movies and documents you want to back up from your PC, and securely store them in the cloud. With 25 GB of storage and the ability to easily add more at a prorated price, backing up has never been simpler.

Family protected by Norton Security Ultra.

We help you protect your kids online so they can explore safely.

Keeping kids safe online shouldn’t be the end of their freedom; it should be the start of an open conversation about building smart and healthy habits.

We’ve included all the advanced features of Norton Family Premier to help you enable safe online exploration, help protect your kids from sharing too much, and balance time spent on their devices.‡‡
Easy-to-use tools allow you to see your kids’ activities at a glance or be notified by email alerts, so you know when it’s time to talk.

Frequently asked questions

Norton Security Ultra provides powerful protection as you bank, browse, and shop online. When connected to the internet, your device(s) can be susceptible to ransomware that can hold your files hostage or spyware that can capture passwords. Norton Security Ultra is designed to recognize and help block these cyberthreats—helping to safeguard your private and financial information.

Norton Security Ultra does not feature a built-in virtual private network, but you can enhance your protection with the addition of Norton Secure VPN. Connecting to the internet with Norton Secure VPN can help protect private information like your passwords, bank details, and credit card numbers when using public Wi-Fi on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Norton Security Ultra provides protection for an unlimited number of Windows PCs, Mac, Android, and iOS devices with a single subscription. Not all features are available on all platforms.3

If you want to remove a Norton Security Ultra from any device, sign in to and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the My Account page.
  2. In the My Subscription tab, under the subscription name, click Manage Licenses.
  3. Click the trash icon next to the device that you want to remove.
  4. In the confirmation screen, click Remove.

Removing Norton Security Ultra on a device also disables your protection on that device. However, it does not automatically uninstall the app.

For help managing your subscriptions, visit Member Services & Support.

Norton Password Manager is available for free as an app on Android and iOS, and as a browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge.

System Requirements

Norton Security covers PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads and iPhones. Not all features are available on all platforms.

Windows™ Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 11 (all versions), except Windows 11 S.

Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 S.

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.

Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later.

Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later. New features are no longer supported on Windows Vista operating systems. Password Manager browser extension is no longer supported on Windows Vista.

Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Professional with Service Pack 3 (SP 3) or later. New features are no longer supported on Windows XP. Password Manager browser extension is no longer supported on Windows XP.

Mac® Operating Systems

Current and previous two versions of Mac OS X.

Norton Family and Norton Family Premier features not supported.

Android™ Operating Systems

Android 4.1 or later. Must have Google Play app installed.

Android 4.0.3 or later required for Norton Family Premier Android app.

Auto-scan of apps on Google Play is supported on Android 4.1 or later, except for Samsung devices. Samsung devices running Android 4.2 or later are supported. For earlier versions of Android, the Google Play “Share” function must be used to scan apps on Google Play.

iOS Operating Systems

iPhones or iPads running the current and previous two versions of Apple iOS.

Issue adding a device? Contact Support.

Important Product Details:

  • Updates: your subscription may include product, service and/or protection updates, and features that may be added, modified, or removed, subject to the acceptance of the License & Services Agreement.
  • Usage: for non-commercial household use only. If you have issues adding a device, please contact us.

Gen respects your privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. See for more information.

Norton Performance: For more detailed information about Norton product performance tests, please see:

AV-TEST, “Best Protection 2019 Award” December 2019

AV-TEST, “Best Performance 2019 Award”, December 2019

AAA Rating from SE Lab, Jan – Mar 2020

2 Requires an automatically renewing subscription for a product containing antivirus features. For further terms and conditions, please see

3 For non-commercial household use only. Issue adding a device? Contact Member Services & Support.

 Monitoring available on Windows™ PC, iOS, and Android™ devices. Not all features available on all platforms.

‡‡ Requires your device to have an Internet/data plan and be turned on.

The Norton and LifeLock brands are part of Gen. LifeLock identity theft protection is not available in all countries.

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