How many times have you gotten the email “Someone just posted pictures of you” followed by a link to a social network page? Well hopefully you didn’t click on that link. You may not like the results. The thing is, emails like this are becoming more common and they are pretty dirty in their intention.

There seem to be more and more ways that you can get scammed from social networks. Here are a few to keep an eye out for.

1)    You receive an email that’s supposedly from a friend of yours that claims that they are travelling abroad and lost everything and that they need your help to get money.  First of all, Always check around w/ people that know the same person to find out if anything like that is remotely true. Most of the time it’s a scam to get you to send a significant amount of money.

2)    You fill out one of those “What kind of character from insert popular tv show here are you?” quiz. While it may not seem much at first, it’s what happens after. They ask for your email, name, and phone number. Whatever you do, refrain from giving them that information. What happens next may shock you. Some people have claimed that they began getting charged $9.95/mo or more for something as stupid as this.

3)    You get a social network related message/alert to an email address that’s not even associated with your account. Bottom line here… Don’t click anything that doesn’t make much sense, like an email that’s not associated w/ your social network. Usually it’s a spam email, complete w/ fake url that sends you somewhere you probably don’t want to see (i.e. pornography related sites)

These are just a few of the types of scam emails you should be aware of. Especially when it comes to your social network. This is just one of many examples why we should be vigilant and careful about what messages/email come our way. Don’t always click the first link you see. Sometimes, just roll over it and see if the URL matches w/ the URL you think it SHOULD go to. Also, if you do happen to click on the link, don’t enter any login/password information. Stay safe out there.