The Norton with LifeLock Story


The new Norton with LifeLock helps protect your entire digital life: PCs/Macs, mobile devices, privacy, identity, family and smart home network

How can 1 + 1 be greater than 2?

The answer lies in something intangible, like a special synergy between two strong entities that combine forces, becoming far more powerful together than apart.

That’s the story behind Norton and LifeLock, two well-known industry leaders teaming up to protect your digital universe.

Norton now: We’re not just antivirus anymore

There are more hazards in today’s digital world than viruses and ransomware. That’s why protection against security threats needs to go beyond antivirus.

Your information could be breached online and then sold on the dark web, or your privacy could be compromised while using public Wi-Fi. That’s why Norton with LifeLock helps fight these new and evolving cyber threats while helping to protect your identity. Whether you’re on your mobile device running errands or relaxing inside your connected home, this new team helps protect you against digital dangers.

Digital safety for our digital lives

Today, there’s hardly a distinction between our “online life” and our “real life.” That’s true for a lot of people, including criminals.

Thieves may still be stealing your mail, piecing together information to commit identity theft, but they also could be buying your personal information on the dark web. Maybe your Social Security number and birthdate were exposed during one of the large-scale data breaches you heard about in the news. Or maybe a hacker spied on your unencrypted data while you were using public Wi-Fi. Regardless, we live digital lives now and online privacy is a concern, whether we put our information online ourselves or a company that we entrust with our data does.

Cyber safety can help. That’s where Norton comes in. Norton with LifeLock offers security for your digital life — by helping to protect your PCs and Macs®, mobile devices, privacy, Internet-connected home network, and now your identity.

Do the math. In this case, 1 + 1 is clearly greater than 2. Norton with LifeLock is a powerful force for cybercriminals to reckon with.

To learn about our new offerings, which now include LifeLock, please click here.

Cyber threats have evolved, and so have we.

Norton 360™ with LifeLock™, all-in-one, comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, identity theft, online tracking and much, much more.

Try Norton 360 with Lifelock.

Disclaimers and references:

LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

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Editorial note: Our articles provide educational information for you. Our offerings may not cover or protect against every type of crime, fraud, or threat we write about. Our goal is to increase awareness about Cyber Safety. Please review complete Terms during enrollment or setup. Remember that no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, and that LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses. The Norton and LifeLock brands are part of Gen Digital Inc. 


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