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What is a honeypot and how does it work?
Honeypots are cyber traps used to lure and track hackers. Learn more about how honeypots work in cybersecurity and the different types.
October 06, 2023·7 min
What is a VPN on iPhone? A complete set up guide
An iPhone VPN encrypts your internet connection to protect your online privacy. Learn what a VPN on an iPhone is and how to set one up.
June 29, 2023·3 min
SMS spoofing: An overview + 5 SMS spoofing types to avoid
Mobile scams like SMS spoofing pose a real threat. Learn what a spoofed text is and how to stay safe so you can avoid becoming a victim.
June 28, 2023·3 min

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What is a third-party app? Examples and potential risks
Third-party apps are apps that you can download onto your smart devices from an app store that wasn’t developed or supported by the operating system maker.
November 13, 2023·6 min
How do I get rid of pop-up ads on my phone?
Pop-up ads and alerts are disruptive, and they can be a security risk too. Learn how to get rid of pop-ups on Android and iPhone.
July 20, 2023·3 min
What is bluejacking? Definition + protection tips
If you use Bluetooth, you may be at risk of bluejacking. Follow this guide to learn more about bluejacking, how to spot it, and how to stay safe.
June 19, 2023·3 min
Why is my battery draining so fast? 12 reasons + how to fix it
If you've wondered, "Why is my battery draining so fast?" then you know a dying battery can be a pain. Read along to learn about the causes and how to fix them.
December 30, 2022·3 min read

Internet of Things

Can your pet be hacked? Understanding cybersecurity risks in pet tech
Technology has simplified some pet owner responsibilities and can help us keep a closer eye on our furry friends, but could your favorite pet tech gadgets be putting you at risk of cyberthreats?
August 30, 2023·5 min read
What is biometrics + is sensor-based security safe?
Biometrics is measurements based on our physical characteristics that can be used for security. Read on to learn more about biometrics and risks to avoid.
August 11, 2023·4 min read
What is a router, and how does it work?
A router is a device that connects to the internet to communicate between the internet and the devices in your home. Learn more from Norton.
June 13, 2023·3 min read
What is the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things is a growing system of billions of devices — or things — worldwide. They connect to the internet and each other through wireless networks.
June 12, 2022·3 min read


Can Macs get viruses? Yes. Here's how to protect yours
Can Macs get viruses? Follow this guide to learn how to keep your Mac safe from viruses, malware, and other threats that could harm your device.
November 04, 2023·10 min
Can iPads get viruses? An iPad cybersecurity guide
iOS viruses are extremely rare, but iPads are still vulnerable to other types of malware, along with online privacy and security threats.
November 03, 2023·13 min
Webcam hacking: How to spot and prevent an intrusion
Learn how to identify and safeguard against webcam hacking attacks to keep your private life and information secure. Read for more tips and tricks.
October 25, 2023·6 minute
What is scareware + how to remove it
Scareware is invasive software that tries to frighten users into performing specific actions. Learn how to detect and remove these programs from your devices.
September 06, 2023·7 min read


Doxxing: What it is and how to prevent it
Doxxing is the act of maliciously publishing someone’s private information and it can have harmful effects on the target—learn how to prevent it.
October 19, 2023·8 min
What are data brokers? Tips to keep your data safe
Follow this guide to learn more about data brokers, how they collect their data, what they collect, what they do with it, and how you can keep your data safe.
October 19, 2023·9 min
Your email address is worth more than you think
Even if your email service is free, it’s likely someone else is making money off of it. Here’s how having a private email address can help.
October 18, 2023·3 min
What is a VPN concentrator and how does it work
A VPN concentrator lets remote workers securely connect to their company’s network. Learn what a VPN concentrator is and its pros and cons.
October 06, 2023·8 min

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