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Read articles on Internet safety and the technology issues that have an impact on all computer users.

  • 10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online
    Parents know that protecting their children online is an ongoing challenge that seems to grow day by day. Learn about the three biggest areas of concern and how to keep your kids safe on the Internet.

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  • Plan Your Vacation Online Safely
    Getting ready for that getaway has never been easier, thanks to the Internet. Booking reservations or asking for recommendations is just a keystroke away. But be careful not to jeopardize your security while you're gone.

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  • How to Manage Your Finances Online Securely
    As long as you take precautions when making online transactions, the benefits of managing your finances online can outweigh your safety concerns. Learn how to say goodbye to paper bills and statements.

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Symantec Cyber Education Blog

Stay current with timely takes on Internet safety issues and online security news.

Premium Text Scams Spark Mobile Carrier Lawsuit

It's happened to one of our family phones; apparently it's happened to CNET reporter Elinor Mills. Be sure you regularly check your family's mobile phones for any unexpected premium text services.
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Symantec Discovers Money Mule Scam Targeting Job Seekers

Symantec Security Response has recently discovered a new twist on an old problem for those seeking a new position. In the past, there have been scams targeting job seekers, just as there are scams targeting almost any vulnerable group (i.e. children, elderly, online daters).
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Winning by Playing by the Rules: Social Networking Is Not for the Very Young

Sometimes I feel like such an old fuddy duddy. Why? I don't let my 9 year old have a social networking account. I have several reasons (and fortunately my husband and I agree on them).
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Celebrity and Other Clickjacking Scams in Social Networks

It's not new but after seeing a rash of click and "likejacking" scams flutter past me in my own social network, I want to remind everyone that these scams start with real looking and enticing links to view salacious, shocking, heart-warming, or unique video or photos.
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Safer Internet Day promotes more secure and responsible Internet use for kids and teens. In support, Norton developed some tips to use all year long. Be sure to share these with your children.

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