Congratulations! Your kids are either out of school for the summer by now or finishing up shortly. June is a wonderful month; exciting and busy. It’s also officially Internet Safety Month and with more time to spend online, kids can and do get into internet hot water during the summer. To keep our online activities on track, let’s plan a family-wide technology tune-up for June:

Repack those passwords on all your devices and the family router. Check to see if you can map all your devices that connect, including satellite dishes or gaming systems. A password on your child’s phone can stop a pal from looking at photos, sending silly or hurtful messages or changing passwords on email and social networks. Update all your passwords (especially email and social networks and use a password manager to keep it simple. Norton’s Identity Safe is an ideal solution.)

Trim your safety sails - Your kids are growing up – are you still using the filter settings you created for them in kindergarten? Check if the restrictions match your child’s age and interests and adjust as necessary. Be sure to talk your House Rules over with each child. Use Norton Family on PCs, Macs and Android mobile devices to reinforce those rules.

Got Wi-fi? We love it but make sure it’s a safe surf treat. Use a password and have a special one for guests. Use the highest level of security to prevent unwanted summertime visitors on your home’s network. And when you’re on the road, be sure you’re connecting to the official and safe Wi-Fi networks at your hotel or in an airport. And save sensitive financial activities like bill paying for when you are back home.

Up the SPF level on your computer (Security Protection Factor) and install a comprehensive security suite on all your laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Malware doesn’t care about platforms anymore; it just wants your data!

Some other smart tips for parents:

Cell phones for kids – start your younger children with simple, limited devices that offer phone calling and texting only. Set a rule to always charge phones in the kitchen at night.

Install security software like Norton Mobile Security and Norton Anti-Theft on Androids. I love the ability to remotely locate a “lost” phone, even if it turns out it’s just at the bottom of the laundry basket.

Use built-in restrictions (varies by operating system). Did you know you can limit video viewing to Safe content?  Or stop unwanted purchases on mobile devices?  Take the time to learn how to make all the technology devices you love as safe and trustworthy as possible.

Prevent computer overtime. Use Norton Family to help reinforce your time limits or shut computer access off at bedtime.