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Top 5 Social Media Scams

As social media websites have grown to attract people from all walks of life, they've also attracted criminal elements. Be aware of some of the tricks they use to scam you on social networking sites.  MORE >

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How to Distinguish Facebook Friends From Foes

Facebook and other social networks make it fun to keep in touch with people. But it can be hard to know who to "friend" and who to leave behind. Should you keep it strictly professional? Just talk to close friends and family? And what about new "friends" who contact you -- some of whom you don't really know at all? Here, how to stay safe while being social online.   MORE >

Are Online Courses Safe?

Whether you want to get an advanced degree in your career field or just take a course in digital photography, online education has reached a level of sophistication and legitimacy that makes it worthwhile. But along with this development have come a slew of scammers looking to profit from would-be online students.  MORE >