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Is Your Teen Jailbreaking?

For teens with an iPhone or iPod Touch, the applications offered by the iTunes store may not be everything they want. Some teens try to "jailbreak" their devices by installing unauthorized applications. But this practice comes with risks. Here's what you should know about jailbreaking.  MORE >

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Are Hackers Targeting Your Kids?

Kids are crazy about Neopets, an online game and virtual community that lets players adopt pets, collect rewards and "buy" special items for their virtual furry friends. But the game's popularity hasn't gone unnoticed by bad guys, who are targeting Neopet users with a number of scams. Here's how to protect your kids -- and yourself.  MORE >

Online Games: Fun or Risky?

In virtual games, anyone can pretend to be an innocent player -- they can even pose as a game employee. So how do you keep your computer and information safe while having fun? Here's what to look out for.  MORE >